Contact Lens Exams

The contact lens exam includes all the regular components of our comprehensive vision examination (which yields an eyeglass prescription), plus contour mapping of your cornea (the front of the eye) and numerous digital measurements. We measure iris diameter of each individual eye, and check your body’s ability to produce tear quantity and quality. We check for proper fit and comfort. We also provide training (if needed) in proper lens care, insertion and removal procedures, troubleshooting techniques, when to wear and even more importantly when not to wear your contacts. A brief follow-up appointment (at no additional charge) may also be required.

At Cathedral Eye Care we only fit premium contact lenses that are designed for maximum comfort, the best vision, and long term eye health. We take the time to fit you with contacts that correct your vision even if you have astigmatism. We also fit bifocal, daily, and extended wear contacts. Some eyes are more challenging to fit and may require more attention. Rest assured, we are diligent and devoted to making you happy.

In addition to great soft contact lenses, Cathedral Eye Care is proud to offer rigid gas permeable lenses (also know as “hard lenses”) including orthokeratology. Orthokeratology, often called “Ortho-k” is the use of rigid plastic contact lenses to change the shape of the cornea in order to correct myopia or nearsightedness. After sleeping overnight with Ortho-k contact lenses, patients are free from wearing any corrective eye wear throughout the day.

Please note: There is an additional fee for the Contact Lens Portion of your exam, generally ranging from $50 to $150. Vision insurance coverage varies and may or may not cover this portion.