St. Johns

The St. Johns neighborhood is a unique asset for a large metropolitan city. Located at the northwest tip of Portland, St. Johns feels more like a small town than a city neighborhood. The residents of St. Johns take great pride in their local economy. They support locally owned businesses, hold community clean-up events, and raise funds for their local schools.

The area is framed by magnificent industrial architecture, none more iconic than the St. Johns Bridge. The unique cathedral spires bring visitors from all over to take in its majestic beauty. The bustling harbor traffic and the active railroad lines are an unescapable reminder that St. Johns is still a big contributor to the industry of Portland.

In the last few years St. Johns has become one of the hottest real estate markets in the Portland city limits. As the city grows in popularity, the comparably low prices and growing retail district has made St. Johns one of the most actively growing neighborhoods in the city. With this growth comes change, and the residents of St. Johns are working hard to make sure that their beloved community retains its unique charm, while embracing the new entrants to the area.